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Art therapy for children in Amsterdam

Are you looking for a therapist who uses art therapy for children in Amsterdam? I help children of all ages to express their emotions through art. This form of therapy can be very effective for children who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally. I guide these children through their emotions as they arise during the creative process.

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How can art therapy help children?

In art therapy, the focus is not on the end product that the children create, but the way in which they create it and the emotions they experience while doing so. As a child psychologist, I will be involved in the art creation process, so I can help them to express themselves with the given materials. Art isn’t just a way for the child to express themselves, the creative process itself is often very soothing and therapeutic. Whether it be drawing, painting, or sculpting, the child can choose their own preferred way of creating art and expressing their emotions. If art therapy isn’t the right fit for your child, I can also help them through play therapy.

Discover the benefits of art therapy

Are you interested to learn how I help children through art therapy? Or do you want to know more about my methods as a psychologist for expats in Amsterdam? Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or advice by sending me an email at I will gladly help you to find the best form of therapy for your child.

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