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Play therapy for children in Amsterdam

Are you looking for a psychologist who does play therapy for children in Amsterdam? I will gladly help your child with this effective form of therapy. Play therapy allows the child to express themselves by way of playful activities. Through play, they can learn to better express their emotions and communicate with others.

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How can play therapy help children?

Playful activity helps children to develop various emotional and cognitive abilities. Through these activities, they can practice thinking, imagining, experimenting, and much more. In play therapy, the way children play is seen as a reflection of their personal experience. As an experienced child psychologist, I help children to share their emotions and guide them through conflicts and traumas with playful activities. In some cases, art therapy can also be an effective tool to help children. I also recommend combining therapy for your child with parent counseling for yourself, so we can examine the parent-child relationship.

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If you are looking for an English-speaking psychologist in Amsterdam that offers play therapy for children, you have come to the right place. Make an appointment to discover if play therapy is right for your child by sending me an email at or fill out the contact form. I will gladly tell you more about this form of therapy and its benefits.

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