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Adolescents psychologist in Amsterdam

I offer psychotherapy for adolescents and young adults as an experienced psychologist in Amsterdam. Many teenagers experience depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. I can help adolescents and young adults during this, often difficult, transition period with effective therapy in Amsterdam.

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How I can help as a psychologist for adolescents

As an English-speaking psychologist in Amsterdam, I offer psychotherapy for many adolescents and young adults that are children of expats. Growing up and finding yourself is always difficult, even more so when you move to a new country. That is why I guide adolescents and young adults through this transition during therapy. As a psychologist for adolescents, I focus on problems that often arise during this vulnerable developmental period. I offer various forms of therapy for clients of all ages, but for adolescents I commonly recommend cognitive behavioral therapy. During this form of therapy, we will work to identify negative thoughts and behaviors. Once we have identified these thoughts, we will find a way to break these negative patterns and build positive ones. This form of psychotherapy can be very beneficial for adolescents and young adults, who often deal with depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

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Are you or your child experiencing difficulties such as anxiety, stress, or depression? As an experienced psychologist, I will be very happy to help by providing psychotherapy for adolescents and young adults. I also offer parent counseling if you are a parent and need some guidance in this process as well. Find out more about my services and schedule an appointment today. Feel free to contact me by filling out the contact form or send me your questions in an email at

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